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3 Signs You Need a Transmission Repair

Your vehicles transmission can perform day in and day out for years without a problem, especially when it receives regular maintenance. But like all mechanical systems, eventually the transmission in your vehicle will need repair. Don’t wait until your transmission is on death’s door to have it repaired; here are three signs that your vehicle needs a transmission repair.

  1. Slipping gears. If you are driving down the road and your transmission slips into another gear on its own, it is time to have it serviced. Or, maybe while shifting it slips into neutral, creating a revving sound. This can be a sign that your transmission is in need of maintenance or repair, especially when the gears slip during acceleration.


  1. Leaking fluid. Have you noticed that there is pink or red liquid left on the driveway when you move your vehicle? You may be leaking transmission fluid. Not only is being low on fluid risky for the function of your transmission, the fact that it is leaking is a sign that your transmission is already not functioning correctly.


  1. Hard shift or shifting noises. Does your vehicle seem difficult to shift or make a thumping noise as it goes into gear? Hard shifting transmissions are a solid sign that you need to have your transmission serviced, repaired, or even replaced. Be aware of any strange noises that are coming from your transmission as it shifts between gears and make sure to schedule an appointment to have your transmission inspected.


Getting Your Transmission Serviced in San Antonio

If you have ever encountered transmission issues, you know that they can be expensive to repair. That’s why you need a repair shop you can trust when you see any of these signs that your transmission is having trouble. In San Antonio, you can trust our professional team at Bring Your Own Parts to find the problem with your transmission and offer an affordable repair solution.

We offer transmission service, rebuilds, and replacements at our shops in San Antonio. Like all our auto repair services, our mission is to offer you the highest quality service at the best price. You will get an honest, open door quote on what needs to be done; our mechanics will show you what the problem is and give you a straightforward quote on what the repair cost will be. Unlike most other repair shops, we do not mark up our parts when doing repairs. You will pay the same price we do for any parts needed for your repair, saving you time and money off your transmission repair or service. Plus, whenever possible we will order parts with a lifetime warranty so you only pay for that part once during the life of your vehicle.

If you start noticing signs of a failing transmission, give our friendly team a call at Bring Your Own Parts. We have two locations in San Antonio to meet your needs.

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