4 Things You Need to Know About Automotive Repair in San Antonio

The automotive industry as a whole has received a bad reputation due to crooked repair shops that overcharge for their services. At Bring Your Own Parts, we don’t want to be lumped in with other shops in our industry, even some right here in San Antonio, that have taken advantage of their customers. Here are four things we think every vehicle owner needs to know about receiving fair prices for their automotive repair.

  • Don’t pay marked up prices for parts. Many automotive repair shops have outrageous mark-ups on their parts they use for doing repairs. Before you have any repair done, look up how much your parts should cost and compare it to your quote. Or save yourself the time and come to one of our shops in San Antonio. We never mark-up our parts and you will always get the lowest list price available. We will even show you the invoice so you know you are getting the same price we paid, all delivered conveniently to our shop for your repair.
  • Make sure your parts are warrantied. Nothing is worse than spending the money to have an automotive repair completed and then having the part fail a few months down the road. Always ask if your parts are under warranty by your repair shop. At BYOP we almost always use parts that come with a lifetime warranty so you will never have to pay for the same part again.
  • Know what is being repaired and why. Don’t just take a mechanics word for it that your vehicle needs repair – you don’t want to be ripped off! Make them show you the problem and what needs to be done. When you come to BYOP, we have an open door policy on all repairs. This means our team of automotive experts will take the time to show you exactly what is wrong and explain what we need to do to remedy the issue. It’s your vehicle and your money – you deserve to know what we are charging you for and why.
  • Compare prices and service. Don’t just go to the first shop you come across when you need a repair. Call around to find out who offers the best prices and stands behind their repairs. At BYOP, we are more than happy to give you a quote and put our reputation up against any other shop in town. With our low, honest prices on all the parts we use and our open door policy on all our repairs, we are confident that we can compete in price and in service with any shop around.

When you want a no-hassle, honest automotive repair, come see our team at BYOP in San Antonio. We offer affordable prices with excellent service, often with same day appointments. Call either one of our locations to schedule your next automotive repair with a team you can trust to do the job right.



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