Five Benefits of a Radiator Flush

Five benefits of a Radiator Flush

Your radiator is a very important element in your engine, especially in the hot San Antonio climate. Over the years, the engine’s cooling system can become clogged and require a mechanical or chemical flush. Flushing your coolant every year will help you avoid more costly procedures down the road. There are different procedures for maintaining your radiator, but usually it is flushed or drained. The flush is a more thorough service as the radiator is “flushed” with anti-freeze which pushes out the built up contaminants. These are the top 5 benefits of having your radiator flushed.


1) Removes rust and scale deposits – these can build up over time, especially if you’ve ever put tap water in your radiator.

2) Lubricates the water pump, which can lengthen the life of the pump.

3) Removes contaminants that have entered the system.

4) You will receive a complete inspection of your cooling system when a flush is performed.

5) Protect against rust build up

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