5 Quick Beat-The-Heat Reminders

With the heat hitting record-setting levels during June in San Antonio, there are a vast amount of things to consider to beat the heat.  Where’s the nearest raspa stand? Will I pass out before I make it into the AT&T Center? Then there is the fear of every person who knows the wrath of Texas heat…

…is my car’s air-conditioning going to hold up?

The temperature does not show too many positive signs of letting up, so make sure you stay safe in this weather.  Do not underestimate the heat – here are 5 quick reminders on what to look out for.

  • Stay hydrated – by the time you feel thirsty, you may have already lost close to 1% of your body’s water levels.  Once you go past that, you will probably experience fatigue and feel somewhat impaired.  It’s good practice to drink water before, after and during any activity outdoors.
  • Be wary of heat exhaustion – watch for signs, especially in younger children.  Dizziness, nausea and vomiting are usual indicators.  Fainting, fatigue and confusion are also common.  If you see these symptoms, get the individual out of the sun and into a cooler, shaded area.  If symptoms do not subside within 15 minutes make sure to get medical attention.  It may progress into heat stroke rather quickly.
  • Check your vehicle’s A/C – with temperatures on the rise, being inside of a vehicle without air conditioning can get heated up quickly.  A vehicle parked in a shaded area on a day averaging 95 degrees can reach 100 degrees within 1 hour. If you are concerned, Bring Your Own Parts is doing free A/C checks for a limited time at both of their locations.
  • Time your outdoor activities – absolutely.  Your lawn may need all the care in the world, but you should prioritize your safety above all.  It will still be around tomorrow during the cooler parts of the day.  Your exercise routine doesn’t have to wait – but it should still be done safely (going back to staying hydrated).
  • Stay away from your oven – it may sound silly, but some recipes just turn your entire house into an oven.  This is the time to try that Chicken Caesar Salad or Shrimp Ceviche Stuffed Avocados you saw on Pinterest!

All we can do is hope that the sun will take mercy on us for the rest of the summer – but don’t count on it! Stay classy, but most importantly – stay cool, San Antonio!

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