8 Tips And Tricks For Your Battery

High temperatures, like those seen nearly year around in San Antonio, can be very hard on batteries. San Antonians rely on their vehicles and their vehicles rely on batteries. The worst sound to hear in the morning is the ::click click click click:: of the starter attempting to turn the engine. What do you do if your car doesn’t start? Do you reach for your jumper cables and call a friend? Do you take out the battery and test your alternator?  Make sure that your battery is in good shape by utilizing the following tips: 

  • There are many different types and sizes of batteries, so make sure to check your owner’s manual or a fit-guide.
  • From time to time, remove the clamps from the terminals and clean the area thoroughly with a wire brush. This will ensure that the connections are strong, everytime you turn the key.
  • Make sure the battery sits correctly and securely in the tray. If your vehicle comes equipped with some sort of clamping system, check it to make sure it is holding the battery properly. Jarring movement from the battery can lead to problems with the terminals or damage the battery.
  • Keep a set of jumper cables in your vehicle. You’ll be able to take care of yourself in a pinch or be someone’s hero if you throw a set of cables in your trunk.
  • Try to group together your errands. Short trips do not allow the battery to charge properly, leading to a shorter battery life.
  • Get your battery checked periodically. It only takes a minute for someone at a local parts dealer check it for you. AT LEAST have it checked before the blistering heat of the summer which can quickly wear down batteries.
  • Never connect the black cable to the negative (–) terminal on your dead battery

If your car doesn’t start, Bring Your Own Parts in San Antonio, TX can tow you to our shop and diagnose your issue. Call 210-682-2967 for assistance. 

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