All You Need to Know About Lift Kits in San Antonio

With all the great places to head off-road around San Antonio, it is no wonder lifted trucks are so popular. Not only do they look great, they have the clearance to go wherever you want. If you have been considering getting your truck lifted, you need to know what options are available. Here are the basics on some of the lift services that can give your truck the look and performance you have been waiting for.

Body Lifts

If you want to improve clearance for your vehicle, yet want to keep the suspension the same, a body lift may be what you need. Body lifts raise the body of your truck or SUV up above the frame using spacers. The advantage is that you will not change the ride of your vehicle, but you will get the clearance you need for going off-road. A body lift is usually less expensive than a suspension lift – however, keep in mind that sometimes the back bumper cannot be raised and there may be some visible gaps in the frame.

Lift Blocks

To raise the rear end of your truck, lift block kits are a simple solution. These kits include lift blocks that are installed between the axle and rear leaf springs. This jacks up the rear and gives your truck higher suspension to haul more or just get the look you want for your truck.

Leveling Kits

If you want your truck’s front and rear to be the same level, you will need to install a leveling kit. These kits bring your front end up to match the rear for both appearance and for performance. Leveling kits allow more room for larger wheels and more clearance. High quality leveling kits will not affect the ride or suspension, offering a smooth ride that is the same or better than the stock ride before installation.

Suspension Lifts

To create clearance for off-roading or to fit larger wheels on your truck or SUV, a suspension lift is in order. A suspension lift is usually more labor intensive than a body lift and can change the ride of your vehicle. The amount of labor and parts is dependent on the type of vehicle you own. The change in how your truck will ride can be positive; if your suspension is worn out, a suspension lift may improve your ride. In some cases, it will make the ride stiffer. But if you love the look of a lifted truck or want better performance off-road, a suspension lift will give your truck what it needs.

Want to finally get the lift you have wanted for your truck or SUV? Come see our performance team at Bring Your Own Parts. We have the expertise to install any accessories you need to make your vehicle look fantastic and give you the off-road capabilities you need to enjoy the hill country of San Antonio. Come to talk to our team today to get a quote on your new lift system.

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