Auto Repair San Antonio: What You Need to Know About Your Car’s Suspension

You know your suspension is important to the quality of ride you have in your car, but is that all there is to it? Actually, there is quite a bit going on beneath your car in your suspension to help improve your ride and how your car performs. The suspension system is not just about comfort, it is imperative to keeping you and your family safe in your vehicle. Here is all you need to know about your car’s suspension.

Suspension Basics

Your car’s suspension is comprised of the shocks or struts that absorb the impact your car receives when driving down the road. Every little bump, hole, or dip would cause your car to bounce off the road without a suspension system. Instead, the springs, shock absorbers, or struts neutralize this impact, allowing the tires to maintain contact with the road and for your car to ride smoothly, even over bumpy terrain. This not only makes it more comfortable to ride in your vehicle, it also impacts your safety. Good suspension improves your ability to control your vehicle, both for steering and braking, which is imperative to avoid accidents.

Even though all suspension systems have the same purpose, different vehicles have different suspension components. Some have struts or dampers while others use shock absorbers with the springs. In addition, the type of suspension can vary between the front and back of the vehicle. Some of the types of suspensions include:

  • Independent front and rear suspensions
  • Dependent front and rear suspensions
  • Double-wishbone suspension

There are also specialized suspensions in some vehicles. Since there are many different types and options when it comes to suspension, you want an auto repair shop that has experience in handling all the variations when it comes time for repairs.

Understanding Suspension Repairs

Since your suspension system is an integral part of your car’s safety features, you want to ensure that it is working correctly. Shocks or struts wear out and will need to be replaced in most cars. Annual inspections of your suspension system is recommended, plus you should be aware of the signs of failing suspension, including:

  • Your tires are wearing unevenly
  • Your car bottoms out when going over speed bumps or other road imperfections
  • The front of your car seems to go down when you hit the brakes
  • You notice a bumpier ride or the car swaying when turning
  • Your struts or shocks are leaking fluid

If you notice any of these signs of suspension wear, bring your car in for an inspection. Replacing one or more of the components may be needed to improve the ride and performance of your car’s suspension system.

At Bring Your Own Parts in San Antonio, we repair and replace all types of suspension systems. We offer affordable prices and fast service at both our locations. Call us for a suspension inspection next time your notice any signs of malfunctioning suspension components.

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