The Top Five Maintenance Tips For Brakes


The Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Brakes


Brake maintenance can be something that is easily overlooked. Brake pads fade over time. The difference between the responsive feel of brand new brakes and worn brakes is dramatic, but it’s hard to remember exactly how your brakes felt several months apart. If you’re curious about your brake performance, then it is a sign you probably need service of some kind.

Once you choose the best performance braking system for your vehicle, follow these simple steps for proper brake maintenance.

  1. Check your brake fluid. You need to make sure the brake fluid is good and that it is at the appropriate level.
  2. Change the fluid if necessary. Leaving contaminated brake fluid alone destroys your master cylinder in the brake system. It also deteriorates your wheel cylinders.
  3. To change the brake fluid in your vehicle, you need to add new fluid into your master cylinder.
  4. Bleed your brake lines in order to get all of the air out of them.
  5. Inspect the pads and rotors to ensure they’re still looking good.


Signs you need new brakes

1) High pitched squeal means that the indicator on your brake pads (a small metal piece) is rubbing your rotors

2) When stopping, your steering wheel wiggles. This is caused by warped rotors

3) You have to push your pedal farther to stop than you used to.

If you need some help, bring it over to BYOP in San Antonio, Texas. We can repair any make and model of cars or trucks. Visit our Brakes page for more information on repair and service pricing.


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