Car Battery Dead? Here’s what to do…

Car Battery Dead? Relax.

So, you leave the movie theater, you head to the parking lot and find your car. You notice something is different and check your lights. You see them on, and immediately your hands start to sweat. “Did I leave them long enough to drain the battery?” you think to yourself. You get in your car, put the keys in the ignition and…


Or even worse, it just doesn’t start at all.

Unless you’re proficient with vehicles, not many individuals are familiar with how to handle that situation. Hopefully, you have some jumper cables in the car somewhere and we can get back on the road in no time. That is, with the help of a kind stranger – or perhaps you are lucky enough to have family drive to you and help.

Once help arrives, it’s time to dig in. Let’s pop both of those hoods open, and prop them up safely.  Unroll your jumper cables and make sure there are no visible malfunctions.  It may seem tedious, but it can help you avoid a major accident.

The Correct Order

Jumper Cable Order


Once you have everything situated – then let’s get that booster car turned on.  We need to let that car transfer charge for a few minutes before we start the dead battery vehicle.  Once you are ready, start the car receiving a jump.  It should start right away – which now leaves us with the task of removing the cables.

It is important to remove the cables in reverse order – we don’t want to have to take that newly jumped car to the hospital! Remove the cables in the reverse order of which you placed them in.  Once they have been removed, we need to make sure that the vehicle drives for roughly 30 minutes minimum to avoid the battery needing help a second time around.

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