How Much Are You Being Overcharged at Your San Antonio Repair Shop?

How Much Are You Being Overcharged at Your San Antonio Repair Shop?

It is no secret that the automotive industry has a bad reputation when it comes to overcharging for repair services. There are ruthless auto repair shops that find ways to add costs onto even the simplest repairs. One of the ways they do this is by overcharging for the parts they use to repair your vehicle. So how do you know if your local auto repair shop in San Antonio is overcharging you?

The Overcharged Parts Scam

Are you paying more for your parts when you go to a repair shop? Often times, yes. If you think about it, shouldn’t repair shops get the parts cheaper since they buy in bulk? The fact is they do get a discount, and then mark up the price on parts before they add them to the repair invoice. This is a common practice and technically is not a scam, but it does seem unfair to the customer.

Many people who know what automotive parts should cost have begun buying their own parts to save money. Whether they get them through a local parts shop or buy them cheaper online, it can save them money over the marked up price they would pay at a repair shop. But why should you have to go buy your own parts just to get the deal that repair shops already get on the parts they buy? Wouldn’t it be easier and more efficient just to get the low price directly from the repair shop without the ridiculous mark up? Now you can.

Fair, Low Prices on All Auto Parts and Repairs

At Bring Your Own Parts, we have embraced this concept and made it a reality for our customers in San Antonio. We offer the lowest prices on our parts for your repairs, not adding on one dime. We will show you the price for the part and that is what you will pay – the same price we do. If you want to bring in your own part, that’s fine too. But you don’t need to go through the hassle of ordering online or running around town to find the best price. We will do it for you at no extra cost, saving you money on your repairs.

But that is just the beginning of what we do. We also are a full service repair shop with highly trained professional mechanics for all of your repair needs. We believe in an open door policy with all aspects of our service, from finding you the best price on your parts to showing you the problem, even offering fast repairs through our express lanes. We also offer a lifetime warranty on most of the parts we use so that you can trust that your repair will last.

Don’t pay more than you should for your automotive repairs. Come see our experienced, honest team at Bring Your Own Parts in San Antonio for low priced parts and excellent repair services.


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