Off Road Options: San Antonio Lift Kits

You are ready to convert your truck into an off road vehicle for getting the most performance when heading out into the hill country surrounding San Antonio, but you are not sure what kind of lift kit is best for your needs. Whether you are heading to the woods to hunt or just wanting to enjoy time on the trails, you need the right lift kit to maximize your vehicles off-road capabilities. Here are a few things you need to know before buying and installing a new lift kit on your truck.

Lift Kit Options for Your Truck

When it comes to finding the right lift kit for your vehicle, there are many options available. Choosing the right one will depend on the type of truck you have and what your expectations are for performance. It is important to know the difference between options that are more for appearance than actually tackling those off road obstacles. Here are some basic options available in lift kits.

  • Body Lifts. For light off-road capabilities, a body lift gives your truck or SUV the clearance it needs to handle the trails without changing your suspension. If you still want the comfortable suspension for driving on the highway, but want more room under the body for managing the off road trails, this might be the right choice for you.
  • Suspension Lifts. For a true off-road truck that can handle the rougher terrain, a suspension lift will give you the clearance and stiffer suspension that is required. Unlike just a body lift, a suspension lift will change the performance of your truck to handle those unlevel hill climbs and make room for larger wheels. Suspension lifts require more labor to your truck and will usually cost more than just a body lift, but give you the performance you need for those tough trails.
  • Lift Blocks. Looking to just lift the back of your truck to allow for larger loads and a new look for your vehicle? Lift block kits can raise the back of your truck to change the load capacity to avoid bottoming out when off road and carrying your ATVs or other equipment. These are an economical solution when all you need is more suspension room for the rear end.
  • Leveling Kits. When you want to lift your truck but have the front and rear stay at the same level, you may need a leveling kit added to your truck. This helps give you the extra clearance you need for going off road or adding larger wheels but keeps your entire vehicle level without changing the suspension.

The problem with many lift kits is that if they are installed incorrectly or the proper modifications are not made to other systems on your vehicle, it can ruin your ride and stifle performance. At Bring Your Own Parts we are lift kit experts, and can help you get the performance you want for the best off-road and on-road experience in your truck. Let us help you find the best off road option for your type of vehicle and needs.

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