Oil Change 101

Oil Change 101

They say everything is bigger in Texas and our cities are definitely a reflection. San Antonio is a huge sprawling city where we rely on our cars. One of the most important maintenance items you maintain is your oil changes. Your engine is a remarkable machine, but it needs clean oil to function correctly.

This article explain briefly explains the aspects of an oil change that you need to know. What kind of oil should you use? Do you know the difference between synthetic and conventional oil? What about your filter? This article will answer those questions and more.

The different kinds of oil


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Developed in Germany during World War 2, synthetic oils are derived from laboratory processes combining synthetic materials with additives. Synthetic oil handles low temperatures much better than conventional and in some cases can provide protection to your engine’s internals for much longer intervals compared to conventional. Synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional and synthetic-blend, but if you drive a high performance car or just really depend on your car’s longevity, it’s worth the investment. Also, make sure and consult your manual on what kind of oil you need in your vehicle because many modern cars and trucks now require synthetic.


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Conventional oil, as its name implies, it made from the crude oil we pull from the ground. It is refined and blended with various chemicals that enhance its lubricating properties. Conventional can be used in many low mileage, older model cars and trucks under normal driving condition. If you’re using conventional oil, ensure that you strictly adhere to the oil change schedule in your vehicle’s owner manual because conventional oil’s lubricating properties break down in a shorter time than synthetic blend and full synthetic.

Synthetic Blend

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As its name implies, it is a blend of synthetic and conventional oil. Ideal for those who want an inexpensive alternative to synthetic, but need the cold-weather protection.

As an authorized Pennzoil dealer, we fully support the range of Pennzoil products, but if your vehicle needs another brand we’ll be happy to find it for you at the lowest price. For the performance people, we have Motul in-store for sale at our 281 location.


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An oil filter serves two purposes, it the contaminants that find their way into your oil and it stores a small amount of oil so that the upper parts of your engine are lubricated quickly after you start your vehicle. Most filters are relatively inexpensive, but think about springing for the better quality brands if you drive in harsh conditions; like dusty construction zones, frequent short trips or aggressive in town driving. Unfortunately, many areas of San Antonio qualify as harsh driving conditions. Also, due to San Antonio’s layout, many commuters spend a lot of time on the highways (1604, 410, 281 and 35) which consists of high speed driving which puts extra wear on your filters.

Maybe you’re looking for an oil change “near me”, but although it may be the most convenient choice, there are still some things to look for in a shop that can perform a quality oil change. Bring Your Own Parts in San Antonio, TX offers quick, easy oil changes that won’t break your wallet.  Remember, at BYOP you do not pay a markup on parts and that includes oil and filters, which means you won’t get stuck paying outrageous prices. Please see our Oil Change page for pricing and services.

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