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Brake Pads 101

It’s important for everyone to know a little bit about brake pads because they are a high priority maintenance item for your car or truck. We at Bring Your Own Parts wanted to help people out with some of the basics. What are Brake Pads? Most modern vehicles use the disc brake system, so chances Read more about Brake Pads 101[…]

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Is Your AC Not As Cold As It Used To Be? Check These

5 steps for your annual AC check   Summer is almost over, but we in San Antonio know that the hot weather has just begun! Our AC systems will be running full blast until at least November! We’ve all been stuck in traffic, but compound traffic with the heat and instantly you’re in an unbearable Read more about Is Your AC Not As Cold As It Used To Be? Check These[…]

The Top Five Maintenance Tips For Brakes

  The Top 5 Maintenance Tips for Brakes   Brake maintenance can be something that is easily overlooked. Brake pads fade over time. The difference between the responsive feel of brand new brakes and worn brakes is dramatic, but it’s hard to remember exactly how your brakes felt several months apart. If you’re curious about Read more about The Top Five Maintenance Tips For Brakes[…]

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