The 5 Best Ways to Know It’s Time for Your San Antonio Auto Repair Scheduled Maintenance

Staying on top of your auto repair scheduled maintenance is the best way to avoid costly emergency repairs. But how do you know when you should be getting those services performed on your vehicle? Of course the best way is to follow your manufacturer recommendations on mileage for those scheduled services, but here are five other ways to know when your vehicle needs to head to the nearest San Antonio Bring Your Own Parts shop.

  1. Oil Changes. Depending on your vehicle and what type of driving you do, oil changes need to be typically performed every 3,000 to 7,000 miles or every 90 days. Keeping on track with your oil changes is a good way to stay on top of other issues with your car since you can have an inspection performed at the time of service.


  1. Brakes. Any time you are experiencing noise or slow stops when braking, you should be scheduling a brake service appointment. It is recommended to have a brake inspection about every 12,000 miles, so after three or four oil changes. Most manufacturers will recommend brake pads be replaced at around 25,000 miles. However, at BYOP, we use lifetime warrantied parts whenever possible so when we replace your pads, caliper or other components with lifetime-guaranteed parts, you may just need fluid replacement and inspections.


  1. Transmissions. Transmissions typically need to be serviced and have the fluid replaced every 25,000 to 60,000 miles, depending on the type of vehicle and driving you do. However, gear slippage, grinding, delays in shifting and transmission fluid leaks are good ways to know that it is time to get your vehicle in for regular transmission service.


  1. Spark plugs and timing belts. Some components only need to be replaced every 60-100k miles like spark plugs and timing belts. When your vehicle passes the 50k mark, discuss what maintenance will be needed before you hit 100k. You can plan to have these services performed at the same time as your regular oil changes as needed, spreading out the cost over a few months or years.


  1. Filters. Your vehicle has several filters that may need to be changes regularly for the best performance. Beyond the oil filter, most vehicles also have air, fuel and transmission filters that all need replacement. At BYOP, we can help you stay on top of all your regular filter changes by keeping track of all your manufacturer maintenance schedules in our system.

By getting your vehicle in for regular scheduled maintenance, you can avoid expensive break downs and repairs on your car or truck. At Bring Your Own Parts we make it easy to stay on top of your San Antonio Auto Repair. We often have same day appointments available and keep an electronic record of all your services performed at our shops so you never miss any scheduled maintenance needed to keep your vehicle’s warranty valid. It is a wise investment in your vehicle – call us today to schedule your next service appointment.

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