The Most Important Purchases to get at Body Shops in San Antonio

It is hard to avoid body damage to your vehicle. Whether you went off-road and scratched your paint on San Antonio brush, or you were in a serious accident on the road, when it comes to getting your vehicle fixed, you need an experienced body shop. To get your vehicle looking like new again, you will need to purchase one of the important services body shops provide. Here are a few of the most common services you can receive at a body shop.

Body Work

When the body of your car or truck is dented, crunched, or creased, you will need it repaired or replaced. Some small dents can be repaired without replacing the entire body part; however, in many cases you will need the entire body part replaced. It is not always as simple as just removing the part and adding a new replacement. Often there will need to be other work performed to the alignment and frame before the new part can be added. This ensures that all body parts will align properly and the exterior will look like new again, even after a severe accident.


A hard impact that damages the exterior of your vehicle very well could have damaged the base structure, including the frame and suspension. Body shops should be repairing your vehicle from the frame up, ensuring that once your car looks like new again, that it will also drive and perform as it should. Alignment and adjustments are often needed to get a vehicle back to pre-accident condition so the vehicle drives straight once repaired.


One of the most important aesthetic services body shops provide is painting. Whether you want a new look for your vehicle or you are having body parts replaced, you will want to purchase a quality paint job from an experienced body shop. Keep in mind that not all paint jobs are the same; there is a big difference in quality when it comes to adding that protective color on the outside of your car or truck.

Installing Fixtures

Have you ever broken a taillight or smashed your headlight? It takes specialized skill to remove the old fixtures and install new ones. Usually there are several parts involved, including the fixture, bulbs, wiring, housing and other aspects. Body shops can professionally install and replace these important fixtures after an accident to ensure all your safety features are working correctly and look like new again.

When you need quality bodywork services in San Antonio, call our collision and body repair experts at Bring Your Own Parts. We offer all the important services you need to repair your vehicle after a collision and we offer free estimates on all bodywork. If you were in an accident, we will help you file your claim with the insurance company and we even offer financing options to help with the deductible. Call us next time you need an experienced body shop in San Antonio.


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