4 Towing Tips for a great San Antonio Summer


Are you enjoying your summer? Bring Your Own Parts sure hopes you are! We know that a lot of Central Texans are heading out to lakes, river and parks so we just want to make sure you are towing safely. Here are 5 towing tips to make sure your trips are fun with no hassles.


  1. Check your brakes. Even if you have a braked trailer, it will be very taxing on your brakes to carry the extra weight.
  2. Make sure that you have a spare for your trailer. A flat tire is always a hassle, but when you don’t have a spare for your trailer, it can mean serious trouble for your trip.
  3. Practice backing up. It’s not as easy as it looks and a little practice can go a long way when backing out of a tight gas station parking lot.
  4. What’s your gross weight? In your owner’s manual or online, you should be able to find your vehicle’s Gross Combined Weight Rating (GWCR), which will tell you how much total weight your vehicle can handle. This includes the vehicle itself, all cargo inside the vehicle and trailer and its contents.
  5. Make sure you have the right drop or rise on your trailer tongue. This will help your trailer to be as level as possible in towing. If it still isn’t level, try to move cargo within the trailer to ensure that the trailer rides level.


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With so many lakes and rivers in the South Texas area, we know you’re busy during your summer. Help it go on without a “hitch” by ensuring your truck is properly maintained and equipped. BYOP installs lifts, winches, lightbars and more to make sure your truck has the right capability and look! We also install tint for cars and boats. We have two locations to serve our customers in the San Antonio area.



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